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Do you want to protect and strengthen your 3D prints in a simple but effective way?

And are you looking for a quick and inexpensive way to straighten them?

3D printing has now established itself in many areas as a fast, versatile and cost-effective solution for creating models and prototypes.
Nevertheless, there are problems with 3D printing such as detachment and deformation of the different layers
There are currently several techniques for smoothing 3D prints, which require either applying fillers and then painting (which is time-consuming) or applying solvents (which, however, are hazardous to health).


ResinPro has developed a post-printing system that guarantees a glossy, durable and aesthetically pleasing surface without any preparation and with just a single application.


3D finish

Innovative two-component epoxy system specifically designed for 3D printing, tested and compatible with major 3D printing filaments such as PLA and ABS.


👉 Here is an application example:


3D Finish Resin is transparent and UV resistant: it can be colored with any pigment from the ResinPro range (including metallic or fluorescent pigments) to give your prints a unique touch in a single application !
3D printing is often used to create a model that then needs to be replicated multiple times.
Resinpro has selected the products most commonly used for 3D printing reproduction.
Using liquid silicone rubber, you can create a reusable mold to quickly replicate your 3D print.

Silicones for rapid prototyping 3D prints

Liquid silicones that are poured over an original mold copy its shape down to the smallest detail. In this way, a copy of the 3D print can be created quickly and inexpensively.


How to use silicone for rapid prototyping:

Resins for rapid prototyping

After the mold is created, a high-performance polyurethane resin (which cures in just 10 minutes) is simply poured into the mold to effortlessly create a perfect copy of your 3D original.

Advantages: ✅ Fast (ready in 3 minutes) ✅ Can be painted as desired ✅ Lightweight and durable

Beige polyurethane resin for modeling

(finished in 5 minutes) 

White polyurethane resin for creations

(finished in 10 minutes)

Crystal clear resins for prototyping

Finally, there are also transparent resins that require a longer catalysis time but allow the production of crystal clear copies such as glass, particularly suitable for ornaments or decorative objects.

Do you still have doubts?

We have the right experts for you!

Daniele Lapo

Developer and processor of the ResinPro product range for 3D printing. He specializes in post-processing and transforming 3D prints. From coatings to rapid prototyping with silicone rubber and epoxy resin, he is the right contact.

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